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Introduction to Reformer Pilates

This class is a great way to familiarize yourself with the apparatus used in pilates, specifically the Reformer. We will ensure your understanding of its use as well as how to set it up to suit your Pilates Reformer experience. We will also guide you through the principles of pilates using specific exercises. This is a mandatory class for anyone new to Pilates.

Beginner Reformer Pilates

Once familiar with the Reformer, beginner classes are a great way to gain a mind-body connection through dynamic exercises guided by an experienced instructor. We focus on breath-work along with core strength and stabilization. Beginner classes also provide a full body workout and work to improve overall strength and flexibility.


Advanced Reformer Pilates

Advanced Reformer classes are fundamental to maximize overall flexibility and strength. Through seemingly gravity-defying guide exercises, advanced classes provide a challenge once good flexibility and core strength has been established. Increased coordination through challenging choreography and resistance is the standard in advanced classes.

Intermediate Reformer Pilates

Intermediate classes provide a more engaging Reformer Pilates experience through exercises that challenge coordination and core strength. Good mind-body awareness is essential to step up to intermediate level classes. Our instructors will guide you through classes that are progressive at increased resistance and pace.


Pilates Tower classes are a good way to increase overall strength and flexibility through the use of the Tower. These classes are designed with all levels in mind and provide a great challenge to core strength and spinal mobility. Introductory and Beginner classes are a mandatory prerequisite.

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